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Generational Financial is a new type of financial literacy program with a concentration for groups of children ages 8-13 years old but anyone with a computer can benefit from the information. The owners of Generational Financial, Carol and Augelle T are delighted to serve your children with financial concepts and principles they can use to plan a brighter future for themselves and for their future generations. Our team has  been in financial services industry for over 10 years and looks forward to serving you! 

A Unique Approach


Generational Financial is a new program coming to a school near you where the children learn financial knowledge and other social concepts they may not learn in school . Yet these are the same skills they need in order to attain their goals and strive for financial freedom. Generational Financial Empowerment Program is serving children in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. 

Why Us?


Our teaching methods will be varied and different from most traditional schools. Traditional schools usually teach from a verbal-linguistic manner but our team instructors will use role-playing videos, live gaming participation, workbook completion as well as traditional classroom discussions and group participation teaching tools. 

Our team has been in financial services industry for over 10 years and looks forward to serving you and your family!

About the Owners

I am passionate about teaching financial literacy! I am not perfect, I have made financial mistakes and I don't want to see our children make the same financial mistakes like many of us. And it is more important now than ever before that children learn about money management and options available to them. If not now, then when?

For more information about the owners, please see the uploaded file. More information about staff will be forthcoming. 

Financial Literacy Program Details

Financial Literacy Instruction

Generational Financial will offer this program as live instruction to children ages 9-13 in a group setting. This is program will consist of traditional group instruction, practical hands-on games and activities, small group discussions, gaming sessions (held off-site), and viewing financial videos followed by discussions.

Caregiver Board Game Day of Fun!

Are you a Daycare Owner or a Community Leader?

Are you responsible for children ages 9-13 in a camp, church or daycare facility?

Mark your calendar and come out for a day of fun as we introduce Generational Financial Empowerment Program to the community on July 12th at 6:00 pm.

Come out enjoy a slice of pizza and fellowship with other daycare owners and community leaders! 

The event is free! Please register on Eventbrite.  

I didn't think she was paying attention

Hi my name is Carol T and I am one of the owners of Generational Financial Empowerment Program. I want to share my daughter's testimony!

My inspiration for this program began about 15 years ago when I attended financial workshops with my daughter who was 9 years old then. At these classes, students were mandated to read Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad as part of our training. I found the book so pro-found with unique ideas I never heard of that I bought all of his books, the board game, and started sponsoring community Cashflow board game nights.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I discovered my daughter reading Robert Kiyosaki's books, practicing his concepts and reciting the traditional financial principles she learned when she was 9 years old. I had no idea she was listening or paying attention to the class information! As a result, she has managed to save money for school while working a minimum wage job. 

Big News!

I am honored and proud to announce Generational Financial Empowerment Program is one of the winners of the 2018 Entrepreneurship Grant Program and Pitch Competition!!! 

It was so exciting to receive this award and I am so thankful to SCORE and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for sponsoring such a great resource for those pursuing entrepreneurship in the Philadelphia region!

Testimonials and Products Coming Soon!

Real Testimonials


Wow! Just after 30 minutes of the budgeting and banking video and my son worried me to open a bank account for him. Proud to say, his account is open and he received his bank card yesterday in the mail. He is so excited! This program is amazing in what it does for children! (Staff member at Children's Learning Institute, Phila, PA)

Real Testimonials


OMG! The children really pay attention to the videos and raise their hands to answer the questions. And they love the activities after the videos too! They keep asking when is Ms. Carol coming back?

This program is so amazing! (Staff member at Children's Learning Institute, Phila, PA)

Real testimonials


This program is amazing! Our children are so engaged in the videos and love the activities! They are learning character development, financial concepts and having fun! This is going to do wonders for our children. (Owner of Children's Learning Institute, Phila, PA).

Last month for Camp rates!


This is our last month for camp rates! If you have a child in a camp or group setting and you want them to learn financial literacy skills, please visit our Financial Literacy section for more information and sign up today! August is the last month for 2018 camp rates!

Big News! The first Children's Financial Workbook is coming!


Please stay tuned as the first children's financial workbook is coming to the website. Help set your child and teenagers on the road to financial freedom with the concepts taught in this book! Watch as their conversation turns into a financial discussion.

Want to to be the first person to get a Financial Workbook for your family, add your email to our - 

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How do I get more information or a start a free consultation?

Just email Carol at:

Our Concepts



Taxes. We will focus on why we have taxes in a our society and how to prepare a 1040EZ form and how businesses use taxes to their advantage. 



Budgeting is one of those concepts once you learn and master, you will find beneficial for life!

Children will complete budgeting worksheets from real life examples in class. These are some of the exercises to prepare them to handle money in a more responsible way whether they are receiving their first paycheck or an allowance. 



During the investment class, we will discuss the vocabulary associated with investments and introduce where you can purchase different brokerage accounts. 

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Cashflow Board Game Night for Childcare Providers Flyer

Generational Financial Program Structure

There are two different programs available depending if we are serving your children in a Daycare or in a school system. 


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